Danny G's Adventure to
“An Evening With Psych” at the Paley Center

I’m recapping an event I attended, what’s up!?

So I had a good time this Thursday night (April 23, 2010) and decided to do a little write up on it.

So what’s a guy in Atlanta doing making the trip to see this event? Well.. I’m starting to think I’m a little crazy. Perhaps I am, but for whatever reason, the Psych team has me hooked. The whole team genuinuely seems really nice too... and that makes attending an event like this much more pleasant.

So, what happened?

I got to the Paley Center an hour early and was first greeted by a nice little Powerpoint looking still.

The guests I was around were VERY friendly and made this beginning time feel comfortable.

Finally after much anticipation, Jimmi Simpson (Mary Lightly) appeared as the host for the evening and introducted -- the man, the legend, Steve Franks

I already thought I liked Steve Franks prior to this event, but I was very much impressed with this huge guy. I'll tell you more about my take aways from the crew in a bit.

Steve was quite funny (as was to be expected) and then introduced us to a gag-reel followed by "A Very Juliet Episode" -- which we watched on screen.

I must admit I was a wee-bit disappointed here as I could listen to the guys talk for hours, and I've seen this already. BUT, I love this episode (3rd favorite of the season and I think the funniest of the entire series). It was enjoyable to watch the episode with a crowd of fans. Also, something about that “Crime Scene Oil” scene cracks me up. The gag reel was excellent as well.

Then the fun begins... the cast and USA execs come out to start answering questions from the host -- Jimmi.

This was an exciting moment. First, I was so happy to see Kirsten (Chief Vick) here. I think she is certainly the most underrated character and is just awesome. Second, (unfortunately she is cut out here) Maggie (Jules) looks great. Third, they kinda dressed in character. James (Shawn) is clearly wearing his awesome Shawn hair (which someone asked about).

Lots of fun exchanges here as the team talks about their characters, the relationships between their character and other characters, and all things Psych. The most memorable moments for me?

Afterward, they took questions for the audience and that was the end of the formal "evening" event.

Because Psych is so awesome, A meet-and-greet with the fans followed.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet too many of the characters. I am a pretty shy and passive person which sucks in situations like this. Nevertheless, it still was fun.

First, I met Kirsten. I really like her.. she is very nice and clearly very thoughtful about her character. I told her how I loved her work and loved how everyone calls her "Chief". She was quick to remind me just to never call her "ma'am". Then I told her I was from Georgia and that would be difficult considering where I'm from, and she just laughed. I then asked why she let's Henry call her Karen, and she explained that they have a history from when she joined the force. She also alluded that we might learn more about their relationship this season seeing as how Henry is back on ship.

I then took a photo with her... which I would and wanted to post, but for her sake and mine, I'm skipping that photo as my eyes were closed, and I think she looks awkward as well. Regardless, I love her! Thanks Kirsten.

Next, I watched Steve and James talk about the show with a group of people.

Both of these guys rock. I love the passion and interest they show to both the show and the fans. Steve seems genuinely interested in how fans perceive his show and likes events like this one so that he can get reaction. James also goes the extra mile to discuss the show with his peeps.

After James left to talk to another group, I was fascinated as how Steve describes how he writes his scripts with references that only 4 people would get, 40 would get, 4000 would get, and 4 million would get. I told him that was hilarious because I loved how the last "pop-up" Psych with Mr. Yin had a "pop-up" that essentially said.... we have no idea what this reference is from. :-) Steve is awesome... I love his passion for the show and fans and appreciate him taking the time to talk.

BTW, Steven mentioned that the pop-up Psych's were popular on the Web site and they planned to do more.

Unfortunately, the Paley Center seemed as though they needed to wrap things up at around this time, and I was a little bummed that I missed out on Dule, Tim Omundson, and writers.

Fortunately, I did run into James briefly on the way out. I had met James before at an "Extinction" meet-and-greet where he awesome as well. The only problem was he shook my hand at that event. I needed a Shawn fist-bump... which he gave me on the way out, so that was cool.

Finally, I also saw Maggie. I think I may have freaked her out a little tiny bit as I was a bit nervous. She was sweet though. We did hug... thanks Jules.

So overall, it was a great event. This cast must be the nicest television group you'll find anywhere, and I'm glad I got to experience that. I am most impressed with Kirsten, Steve, and James.... great people. Thanks Psych!